words, pictures & the creative lifestyle


Words and pictures by YG Mason, scribbler & stationer with a penchant for paper goods, art and design. I live in London, where I am turning my attention to the various creative projects I’d neglected in favour of essays on Pushkin while studying Russian and procrastinating by reading all the ‘How to Write’ articles I can come across.

This blog is the record of my attempts to follow the one essential piece of advice I’ve gathered from the multitude of essays, interviews, and GIF-illustrated lists (to wit: write), finish the novel that’s been hovering over me while my attention was diverted elsewhere, and uncover some of the mysteries of the publishing industry.

There are also behind-the-scenes looks at my other creative work: when not reading or writing, I do visual art, including illustration and stationery design. My portfolio can be found on the ‘Pictures’ page, and you can also purchase my illustrated products from my online shop.

You can email me at hello@ygmason.com, find occasional updates on Twitter, and pictures of stationery on Instagram. I apologise in advance for not having a cat.