Art Class: From the Inside of a Paper Bag

Art Class: From the Inside of a Paper Bag


In case you noticed that I missed Wednesday’s post, I thought I ought to offer an explanation: I forgot.

My longest spell of consistent blogging to date was broken by the simple fact that I have trouble keeping track of what day or time it is, and didn’t remember until after midnight that I’d forgotten that day’s post.

The plus side is that the cause of my distraction was the new piece I’ve been working on. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen a few sneak peeks, but all will be revealed soon.

Today’s eleventh-hour post is brought to you from the midst of my setup planning for next week’s Roman Road Yard Market, which currently includes, tarpaulins, cellophane, acrylic stands, and, yes, paper bags.

The point at which this all comes together is still a little way of, so for now I’ll continue to fight my way out.

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