Check List: An Update

YG Mason | Check List: An Update

The run of bank holidays is over for now; perhaps I’ll be able to recalibrate and remember what day it is from here on in.

As I suspected, I didn’t quite manage to tick everything off of my last Check List, but I have been resting and preparing for the year ahead, and managed to make some progress by the end of last year:

  • Finish reading War and Peace, which I started around this time last year in anticipation of the BBC Radio 4 dramatisation (OK, this didn’t happen, by any stretch. But I did get a few chapters further in, and hope to keep going)
  • Organize my workspaces properly (This didn’t happen either. Not to make too many excuses, but the lack of working light bulbs really hampers organisation after about 2 p.m.)
  • Make a plan of action for my creative work in 2016 (I do have an idea – several, actually – of the directions I’d like to take with my work this year, but I do need to get them down on paper. Maybe this weekend?)
  • Get a memory foam mattress (I actually did this* , yesterday. It was rolled up when I bought it but came unstuck, and ended up being much bulkier when taped back down. Also, there was a brief, though torrential downpour that coincided with my walk home from the train station. There were even hailstones for a few seconds, and I eventually folded up my umbrella because there was no point keeping it up with all the wind. I dropped the mattress a few times, so I’m glad it was wrapped in plastic. This sounds bleak, but was actually quite funny. At any rate, the laughter helped me to get the thing home rather than weeping, drenched, in the gutter. *I think it’s just regular foam, though.) 
  • Start work on my new fiction project, the idea for which has been percolating in my brain for a mew months now. There is research to be done, but I want to avoid procrastination territory (I didn’t do this. Yet. But I have an idea that if I get pen to paper before this weekend is up I’ll have a chance of getting into a good writing routine this year.)
  • Take some good product photographs and play around with styling (The bad lighting really didn’t help with this one. I’ll need to plan some shoots and wake up early enough to get them done in daylight. My inability to do this is the number one reason why this blog doesn’t feature more of my own photos.)
  • Make some new art (A theme is emerging: I had some ideas for small lettering pieces, but didn’t actually do them yet. Clearly 2016 needs to be about Getting Things Down on Paper.)
  • Eat soup (I did this, of course. I even finished the year on a double whammy and had soup yesterday at lunch and dinner.

It’s interesting how such a short list can reveal so much about my (bad) habits. I hope to make this year the year of Lists of Things That Actually Got Done.

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