Check List: Market Conditions

YG Mason | Check List: Market Conditions
Edward Angelo Goodall - Copper Market Cairo (1871)

I’ve confirmed a place at my first market for 2016, which takes place in two weeks.

In the early stages, it seems like a simple enough proposition: Get stall. Bring stock. And – hopefully – sell.

Once it starts to become more concrete, a whole lot of other variables which need to be sorted out suddenly become clear:

  • Producing more stock
  • Props for display
  • Decorations for the table/stall
  • Payment systems
  • Change in cash
  • Promotional materials
  • Point of sale items
  • A mailing list sign-up sheet
  • An umbrella

It would be naive to say it’s all about the art, but I like to think that’s where it all begins. How it ends is another matter, and one largely to do with the little, often unexciting, and frequently vital details.

Monday’s Work in Progress post is likely to shed some light on how things are shaping up so far. In the meantime, I’ll be looking for paper bags and tarpaulin.

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