Work In Progress: The Proofs of the Pudding

YG Mason | Work in Progress: The Proofs of the Pudding

I was up until the early hours of this morning trying to get some samples of new designs ready for a quick photo shoot tomorrow.

I’d hoped it would be a¬†matter of a few minutes, but it rarely is: so often the troublesome printer, the unexpected results when ink meets paper, the uncalibrated monitor and its suspect representation of colours.

Eventually, after some compromise on paper stock, I managed to produce three decent-looking samples which would need refining before production but which suit the purpose for the photograph: the proofs of the pudding.

There are similarities between baking and stationery design. So often the ingredients are right, the method is (generally) adhered to, and yet the result in no way resembles the picture in the recipe book. Glossy-looking photos of food are sometimes almost as illusory as the mental picture an artist or designer is trying to replicate with their physical media.

By the time the dish has been manipulated into looking its most appetising, it is less edible than ever, having spent hours under hot studio lighting and (so I’ve heard) on occasion being subjected to the indignities of glue and varnish in order to stay put and look good.

But sometimes, as in the case of my hastily-assembled samples, the pudding you see is not the one meant for eating, not the end result but a beginning: visual proof of an idea come to life.

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