Work in Progress: Hello There

YG Mason | Work in Progress: Hello There

This thrice-weekly blogging schedule is working out better than I had expected: today’s post makes the eighth consecutive ‘Work in Progress’ update.

Sharing small snippets of news, ideas or information has helped me to maintain the stamina, to build the habit of posting on a regular basis instead of going months without blogging while waiting for something ‘big’ to say.

The image at the top of this post is a little watercolour I made, quickly, specifically to share online – something I need to work on, as I mentioned last Monday.

I would like 2016 to be a year of action. This is likely to be most effective if it consists of little actions: regular blog posts, social media interactions, constantly making new work and experimenting and sharing the (imperfect) results.

With a few posts now in the archive, I feel (a little) less fraudulent about beginning to create more of a presence online, and the constant generation of new content is what will help me to build and promote a body of work in a natural way.

So, to begin: Hello There.

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