Work in Progress: The Grand Plan

YG Mason | Work in Progress: The Grand Plan

More than a third of January has already passed; now is the time of the cut-price calendars.

Those people (like me) who inevitably leave it too late to stock up on new organisational stationery before the end of DecemberĀ and end up stranded in the first few days of the new year with an out of date diary can take pleasure in theĀ 50% discount.

As a stationery lover, I don’t take as much advantage of this as I feel I should. For the last few years I’ve been using the same planner, which I refill with undated diaries.

This is much more efficient, since I rarely have it in time to begin the year, and often forget to use it at all, and flick through the blank weeks later in the year, wondering what happened.

A new diary is like a new exercise book at the start of September – full of potential. Every year we think we will work harder, write neater, be better. Or we will make more and better plans, and work on making them happen. We will use pens with sparkly ink and colour co-ordinate our appointments.

And yet, replacing my old planners with a new one, I had some suspicion that old habits don’t always die hard – often they don’t die at all, but lie dormant, and come back sooner than we expect.

How organised will I be this year, and how many of my plans can I put into action? When I come to buy another blank planner at the end of 2016, the discarded pages will tell the tale.

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