Work in Progress: Visions and Revisions

YG Mason | Work in Progress: Visions and Revisions

I never really believed in intensive ‘cramming’ before an exam, except for a last-minute reminder of a few key points – if I don’t know it now, I would think, I never will. For some reason, the stress around formal exams seems not to affect me the way it does some others. There’s something about the whole procedure that I usually enjoy, even when the exam is not going well (see AS Maths).

Aside from practical matters (how to get to the exam venue), my ‘revision technique’ today for tomorrow’s translation exam has followed my usual pattern.

I just hope I’m alert enough in the actual exam not to make the mistake a friend of my tutor did: confusing ‘они повесили его’ (oni povesili yego), meaning ‘they hanged him’, for ‘они повысили его’ (oni povysili yego), which means ‘they promoted him’.

Quite the material difference.


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