Writers’ Group: The One Percent

YG Mason | Writers' Group: The One Percent

The draft is begun.

I wrote before about the perils of become entangled in a never-ending cycle of research, so made sure to commit pen to paper and produce at least a few hundred words of brand new fiction.

I usually like to aim for at least 1000 words per session of writing, but decided to ease myself back in by starting off with just a page. By the time I begin writing a draft, the first line or two has usually been lurking in both my brain and the pages of my notebook for some time.

The first words are the anchor that goes in and helps me to feel like the draft is getting off to a semi-solid start.

As we all know, things can go awry at any point from there on in, but reaching the first thousand words is a pleasant milestone nonetheless.

It sounds and feels significant enough that one feels this thing really is happening, after all, there really¬†will be a book. It’s also not too big of a commitment, so the possibility of starting again if necessary doesn’t induce nausea.

Even if the beginning isn’t as strong as we’d like, the potential for the rest of the draft to be sheer brilliance remains. If it’s going well, we can have faith that we have started as we meant to go on.

It’s a little, thing, but the first one percent is vital: it’s the sign of life.

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